XS 300
XS 300-2

XS 200 – XS 300 MT

The XS 200 MT – XS 300 MT asphalt molding machines are equipped with the AWS process, which allows cooling of the cover by pulsed air.
The XS 200 MT – XS 300 MT are particularly suitable for processing coloured chocolate, chocolate with grains or chips, compound and other large floods because their easy cleaning makes the change of chocolate very quick.
The XS 200 MT – XS 300 MT enrobing and moulding machines are very easy to use and will make your work easier.
Option(s): Heated vibrating table. Conveyor and truffle frame.
Partial coating system.

Capacity : 42 kg


Width of belt: 220/300 mm


230 V single-phase / 4 kW


Dimensions: l72 x L160 x h143 cm